About the Office
The joint attorney's office exists from January 30, 2007 and came about from the office of Josip Janković which was registered in the Attorney's Register on October 1,1973. The attorney's office has acquired an excellent reputation and trust among its clients and fellow attorneys.

The office provides legal services for natural persons and corporations on the highest professional level. Two attorneys and two law clerks work in the office. Great attention is paid to each individual client which is the key to our success.
The joint attorney's office offers advice and legal representation in various fields of legal practice such as:

For all questions and advice please contact us via:
Contact (head office)
Adresa: Ambroza Vraniczanya 5/1
47000 Karlovac
Tel. 1: +385/47 612 099
Tel. 2: +385/47 611 299
Fax: +385/47 611 780
GSM Josip Janković: +385/98 492 218
GSM Mate Burazin: +385/98 492 477
GSM Dario Banić: +385/98 985 0315
GSM Tomislav Horački: +385/99 449 2218
E-mail: odvjetnik-jankovic@ka.t-com.hr
Contact (writing office)
Address: Trg Josipa Broza 2/1
47000 Karlovac
Tel.: +385/47 612 099
E-mail: odvjetnik-jankovic@ka.t-com.hr
Working hours
Monday - Friday: 8-13h
Tuesday - Thursday: 17-19h