The Fields of Practice
Company law
  • Preparing and drawing up the documents for founding a company
  • Founding branch offices, the merging and division of companies
  • Acquiring business shares in companies
  • Transforming companies
  • Advice in regards to ownership/managing rights in a company
  • Advice connected to liqudation of companies
  • Representaion in disputes under the authority of the commercial court
Legal advice/consultation
  • Advice and opinions about the rights of clients and legal regulations
  • Drawing up various types of contracts
Collection of debts
  • Submitting distress proposals
  • Representation in distress and legal proceedings with the purpose of collecting debts
Inheritance law
  • Drawing up wills
  • Drawing up documents from the field of inheritance law
  • Legal representation in inheritance proceedings
  • Consultation, representation
  • Drawing up contracts
Real-estate business
  • Inquest of real-estate, inquest of land registries and registers of assessment
  • Drawing up contracts and consulting about contracts of gaining real-estate
  • Consultation and representation while registering rights inot the land registry
  • Consultation, drawing up and analyzing building contracts
  • Representation in law suits dealing with real-estate
Employment law
  • Advising the employer and worker about the rights and obligations in employment
  • Drawing up employmtent and managers' contracts
  • Drawing up general acts and decesions in the field of employment law
  • Legal representation in employment suits
Family law
  • Consultaion and prevention of marriage disputes
  • Drawing up marriage contracts
  • Drawing up contracts/agreements about dividing marriage gains
  • Representation in marriage ligitations and support ligitations
  • Filing charges and representation in cases of marriage and common-law marriage law suits
Bankruptcy law
  • Consultation regarding bankruptcy proceedings
  • Registrations of claims
  • Participating in the work of the Board of Creditors
  • Representation in bakruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in disputes resulting from bankruptcy proceedings
  • Consultation
  • Preparing and drawing up  compensation demands
  • Legal representation, filing complaints
Housing law
  • Representation in cases of measuring condominiums and registering in the land-registries
  • Representation in cases  regarding renting, leasing and the status of the protected leaseholder, the rights of gaining an apartment, the cancellation of rights, eviction and/or other rights
Legal actions
  • Representation in proceedings of repossession
  • Representation i front of tax authorities
  • Representation in issuing building permits
  • Filing law suits and representation in legal cases
Constitutional law
  • Filing constitutional complaints
  • Filing proposals on reviewing the constitutionality of laws and other acts

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